Your Privacy, Our Priority!

At Atlanta Computer Repair Center, we take your privacy seriously. Repairs are completed in-house by our staff. Our employees are thoroughly vetted and have completed background checks. With our triple-tiered firewall, remote monitoring service and reinforced steel doors, our commitment to safeguaring your data is unparalleled.
Our strict privacy policy was also recently featured in the AJC newspaper.

Protect Yourself

Computers today have become an inseparable part of our personal and professional lives. They help us complete work, perform tasks, communicate with friends & colleagues and they serve as an important medium to the most valuable commodity – Information. From time to time you will need a professional that can provide maintenance on your computer and repair it in the event you suffer from a malfunction, virus, malware, data loss, or other component damage. Below is a list of tips you should follow when choosing a computer repair company.

Here are 7 tips when choosing your computer repair and IT support provider.

  1.      1.      Internet Presence – Make sure your computer repair company has a clear and credible website that seeks to inform and educate the end user on their services and on the subject matter; in this case computers and IT services. The lack of a professional website (especially for a company in the IT and Computer Systems industry) shows a lack of professionalism and investment on the part of the computer repair provider.

  2.      2.     Experience – Unfortunately, States and local government do not provide licensing for computer repair professionals. Anyone can call themselves an ‘expert’ in the computer repair and IT industry and set up shop! Be sure to ask questions regarding the backgrounds of the technicians and the company. Ask for references and past work experience if possible. It is also good business practice for at least one of the owners or company leadership to have a significant background in the computer systems industry.

  3.      3.     Office Location – Be wary of “computer experts” that work from their home and do not have a physical office or retail location. If something were to go wrong the customer would have little recourse. Ask that you would like to bring your computer in for a consultation even if you might need at-home care.

  4.      4.     Customer Service – Gauge the customer service of your potential provider. Does someone pick up the phone relatively quick or do you have to navigate a phone maze to speak to a live person? Are they prompt, courteous, and professional when addressing your questions and concerns? Is their attitude condescending or helpful and empathetic? Pay careful attention – most companies put up their “best behavior” at the point of sale. If it doesn’t begin well surely it will not end well.

  5.      5.     Pricing – Although pricing is different from one locale to the other it is important that your computer repair company is upfront on their pricing and there are no hidden charges. A good sign is when computer repair companies display their prices on their websites.

  6.      6.     Turnaround Time – Your computer has a lot of important data and it has become an integral part of your life! You CAN’T wait 2+ weeks to get your computer back because it has to be shipped to an offsite location for repairs. Ask how long it will take to get your computer back and if they work on your computer in-house or if they mail it to an offsite location. A good compute repair company should be able to diagnose and fix most computer issues in-house and return your computer within 1-2 business days.

  7.      7.     Privacy Policy – Let’s face it, your computer holds a lot of sensitive and personal data. It contains work documents, financial information, personal information that could cause havoc were it to land in the wrong hands, or maybe even a few embarrassing pictures of you dancing at your best friend’s wedding – Either way, you do not want that data breached!! It is imperative you ask questions on the privacy policy of any computer repair company you are thinking of doing business with. Be wary if any computer repair company does not have a clear privacy policy on their website or if their employees cannot speak clearly concerning procedures handling customer computers and other devices that hold data.