Residential & Business Support

With 2 retail locations and on-site support available, we are able to help you with any IT related problems.

We offer a wide array of business solutions. From virtual private & dedicated servers to websites and a marketing strategy that guarantees 1st page google rankings! We are Experts in our field!

Services Overview

      Dependable tech support for businesses and consumers are paramount with today’s evolving technology landscape. Our dedicated tech-support teams are cross-platform trained (Apple   Windows) and strive to determine the root cause of your problems so that they can be correctly addressed.

Our 2 retail stores are fully equipped to handle any software or hardware issues you may be experiencing with your laptop, desktop or all-in-one solution. We have invested in the most cutting-edge software and hardware components to support all of your IT needs. From complex server and SQL database migrations to consumer-grade laptop LCD screen replacements. You will find all of your tech-support professionals under one roof.

We offer businesses predictable results from technology, for a predictable fee. We help troubleshoot design and maintain business networks. Our solutions span from hardware monitoring to server virtualizations and server migrations. Let us complete and assess your true IT costs and develop a strategy to reduce them.
Our web development team goes beyond the basics of simply providing you with a cookie-cutter website. The first step in determining your website’s layout and navigation is to understand your business model and your client base. We believe that a website’s interface should be easy to navigate through, have our client’s method of contact clearly visible and have a professional design. Visitors spend an average of 3-5 seconds on a webpage before moving on to a different website if they don’t find what they are looking for. If you spend money on advertising to drive visitors to your site, it only makes sense to have a professional and well-laid design to convert those visitors to customers.
There is no secret on how SEO (search engine optimization) works. Without trying to oversimplify the process, SEO is mainly comprised of having quality content on your site relevant to the products and services you are selling. High quality content coupled with an intelligent link building strategy and a robust website-landing page allows your website to climb the ranks within Google’s search results.
Did you know websites that are ranked well on Google, will spend much less in their pay-per-click campaigns and online advertising? Google rewards websites that follow search engine rules & policies/ “white-hat” SEO tactics. Companies that perform SEO services using manipulating or "black-hat" SEO tactics will have websites penalized and/or banned from search engine results indefinitely. Let us help you increase your web rankings organically and in-turn, increase your profits.
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