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We invite you to simply stop by and speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians. Let's have a brief discussion on data backup and why those "Set it and Forget it"backup solutions can become a serious problem. Our Pro-Active approach reduces your down-time and increases your over-all productivity.

Top-Rated Computer Repair Prices & Service

Professional Laptop/ Desktop Dusting
  • Free
  • Dust, debris and pet hair inside your laptop and desktops can disrupt the air-flow in your system which would lead to your system overheating. An overheating laptop will cause power disruptions and dramatically shortens the life-span of all your laptop/ desktops components.

    We recommend having your laptop or desktop dusted/ cleaned once every 6 months. You can purchase compressed air from your local electronics store. Pricing is typically about $8-$15 for a 3 pack, or if you are in the neighborhood, just drop by for our free computer cleaning service.

    We provide professional laptop & desktop dusting for all of our existing customers.

    Laptop LCD Cleaning
  • Free
  • Do smudges, fingerprints and dust plague your laptop LCD screen? Bring it in and let us clean your laptop's lcd screen. We'll make your system look like new again!

    We provide professional laptop & desktop dusting for all of our existing customers.

    Initial Computer Diagnostics
  • $49.99
  • Unlike most of our competitors, our diagnostics are completed in-house by technicians with a minimum of 8-10 years of real-world experience and are generally about 27%-55% lower than our competitors. We have professional grade software & hardware to test the various components on almost any laptop and desktop. Our attention to detail and thoroughness of our diagnostics will determine what is the exact cause of your computer's malfunction and your computer repair options. We update our clients on the repair progress and complete work on your laptop or desktop only after we have received confirmation to move forward with the repairs.

    Diagnostics are necessary to examine the overall health of your computer and determine if there are any underlying repairs on your computer that need be addressed. Sometimes what may seem to be a virus, can be as simple as a quick optimization/maintenance boost or as severe as a faulty motherboard. It is impossible to fully test and diagnose your hardware components remotely. Below is just brief overview of components we check on your laptop, desktop or server during our initial diagnostics.

    • Disassemble Computer (Laptops & Desktops)
    • Verify CPU, Motherboard & Power Supply Voltages
    • Physical Inspection for damaged components
    • Check & Update Bios, Hard drive and Chipset Firmware
    • Test batteries functionality & ability to hold charge
    • Check CPU and Graphics Card & apply new Thermal Grease
    • Complete a 27-30 point Full Hard Drive Test (2-5 Hours)
    • Test Memory for Read & Write Errors
    • Check Network Adapters for Wired/ Wireless Internet Connection
    • Check LCD/ Video Screen Wire Harness
    • Look for problematic External Connections
    • Complete a Full Operating System scan for Permissions errors
    • Inspect Drivers for all Laptop/ Desktop Hardware
    • Verify Boot Records Match Registered Operating System
    • Back-up, Repair and Delete Corrupt Registry Files
    • Scan computer for Malware, Spyware, Key-loggers, Trojans and Viruses

    • Although we always recommend a diagnostics before completing any repairs, it is not mandatory. In 25% of our diagnostics we discover additional hardware problems that exceed the value of your computer's repair. In those situations, we recommend the purchase of a new system from your favorite retailer.
      *Some Tests may not apply to your system.

    Hard Drive Data Recovery Analysis
  • $49.99
  • The reasons for our computer data recovery services vary, but include: virus infection that wipes your data, damage to your laptop or notebook computer, or if you simply no longer have access to your critical files and documents.
    Our analysis is simple and straight-forward. After our initial data recovery analysis, we can give you a quote of the recovery and amount of data that can be saved. If you're not satisfied with our recovery or we are unable to retrieve the files you need, you're not obligated to pay anything extra. We also have partnerships with Tier II and Tier II data recovery services which typically invoice a Class A Clean Room facility for more severe hard drive recoveries.

    After our assessment we can let you know what your recovery options are and the best way to proceed.

    Data Recovery Services
  • $50
  • Starting at
  • Most of our competitors do not have access to the powerful & professional grade data recovery equipment to safely recover your files, with limited corruption/ loss. 73% of the drives that come into our stores for data recovery are completed in-house/ on premise. We have recovered files due to accidental format, software malfunction, file or directory deletion, failing hard-drive, motherboard failure, Raid Arrays, virus attacks, unexpected system crashes and sabotage. We have proprietary -state of the art equipment- that will help us recover files from severely corrupted drives.

    The data recovery industry states that no drive is completely dead to extract data, until it is burnt, broken or overwritten. In the event that we are unable to recovery your data using our equipment, we can ship (with your authorization) your hard drive to an Class A Clean Room Data Recovery Facility for further analysis (considered Tier II or III).

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    Laptop LCD Screen Installation Labor
  • $65
  • Laptop LCD screen installations can be very challenging if you are not familiar with taking laptops apart. We have replaced lcd screens for Apple iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPads, iPhones, Windows Laptops, Windows All-in-One computers and probably every brand Windows based laptop you can imagine. When ordering a new LCD screen for your Windows or Apple computer, it is very important to make sure the screens are compatible (resolution, connection, add-ons, brackets, size & fit etc. These repairs should only be completed by a computer repair professional. We complete screen repairs using authorized parts which undergo vigorous stress tests over several hours/days to determine the LCD screen's functionality.

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    General Computer Repairs
  • $65-$75
  • Hourly
  • Most of our computer (laptop & desktop) repairs, troubleshooting, software and hardware upgrades fall into this category. We out perform our competitors with a more knowledgeable technicians, cutting-edge hardware & software, substantially lower costs, faster computer repair turn-around time, and friendly staff that can convey complicated computer jargon into plain English.

    If a diagnostics is needed, we will contact you first prior to completing any work on your computer system.

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    Computer Data Backup & Transfer
  • $75
  • ($1.25 per Gig) - minimum 60 Gigs
  • When a Restage is performed on your laptop or desktop computer, your entire hard drive is wiped clean and restored to your manufacturer´s factory settings or default operating system. It is recommended that you always back up your work prior to ANY repairs or work is performed on your computer. We can offer you the peace of mind by allowing us backup and transfer your files before and after a system restage. This includes all of your Pictures, Music, Emails, .PST files, Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, Word/ Excel/ Powerpoint documents, bookmarks and any additional files you request.

    **Data backup/ transfer success rate varies on the health of the hard drive and data. Only after a diagnostics can we determine the condition of the drive.

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    Residential On-site services
  • $95
  • (2 hour min) - Hourly
  • Our highly trained and well groomed technicians have the skills necessary to tackle a wide variety of problems including: wireless home networking, wireless printer setup, computer troubleshooting, network troubleshooting, diagnose internet related problems, remove viruses, malware, spyware or simply provide tutorials on how to use your computer system. Give one of our knowledgeable staff a call today, and schedule your appointment.

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    Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal
  • $119.90
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware infections are due to a number of different reasons including: outdated anti-virus definitions, operating system updates are overdue, security patches that are not yet installed. These infections can also be a result of outdated Java, Adobe Flash Player.

    Having your computer's virus definitions and enabling automatic updates help protect your system from hackers who are exploiting these vulnerabilities. Virus and Spyware attacks have grown tremendously in the last few years and it's now a multi-billion dollar industry! Do not ever provide your credit card information to any anti-virus/ anti-spyware program if you are infected. This is usually a ploy to steal your identity and/ or credit card information. Simply call us, and we can take care of your computer infections. We perform a number of different manual and software scans. We have the ability to scan your hard drive externally using our on-site Server. It is impossible to perform an external hard drive scan from those "Online Remote Tech Support" services as advertised. Multi-level scanning (within the Operating System and Externally).

    As long as there are no pre-existing problems* on your computer, we are able to remove 95% of viruses, spyware and fake anti-virus programs within hours. In some rare cases, when a virus has severely damaged your computer or laptop, we may recommend a system restage. Our highly-skilled computer technicians can determine this after we have assessed the extent of the infection(s).

    If you find a series of pop-ups overwhelming your computer, adult websites redirects, or speculate a virus or fake anti-virus program is beginning to take hold of your computer, Shut Down your Computer immediately and contact us to prevent any further infections / additional costs. We are here to help you with the most cost-effective solutions to get you back on track and back to your work!

    Here is what is included with every Virus Removal

    • Removal of Spyware, Malware, Viruses, and Trojans
    • 10 Day Guarantee against any future infections
            (Even if its a different virus/malware or infection!)
    • Full system exterior cleaning
    • Rush/ Priority services available for quick turn-arounds

    *If our technician finds an underlying/ pre-existing problem with your computer that needs to be addressed first, a diagnostics [charge] will be necessary to determine the problem and costs prior to a virus removal. 10 day warranty only valid with an active/current anti-virus solution.

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    Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • $119.90
  • Whether you have lost a few keys on your laptop, have a few keys that are non-functional or simply want to replace your entire laptop keyboard, we offer a flat rate for 90% of laptop keyboard replacements. Our great prices include the keyboard and installation.

    If you have spilled liquid on your laptop/keyboard, we highly recommend that you first bring your computer in for a full system diagnostics to determine if any additional damage is found.

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    DC Power-jack Repairs
  • $139.90
  • If the plugin/power connector on your laptop has come loose and you are experiencing power fluctuations/outages as you wiggle the cord, we advise an immediate replacement of your DC jack on your laptop. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs can become, and in some cases are unrepairable.
    Often times the DC power-jack becomes loose because of the constant pull and push on the power cord while it is connected to the laptop.

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    Motherboard Installation
  • $155.00
  • Motherboard installations can be a very complex repair. If your laptop's motherboard is replaced with a refurbished motherboard, we always complete another set of diagnostics. Laptop motherboards contain hundreds of small and fragile parts that can be particularly troublesome and should only be completed by a computer repair professional. Every component that attaches to the motherboard (hard drive, memory, processor, wireless card, LCD screen, keyboard and trackpad needs to be carefully removed and mapped with the correct screws. Every motherboard replacement that we complete using authorized parts undergo vigorous stress tests over several hours/days to determine the systems stability.

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    System Reformat, Restage, Operating System Reload
  • $159.90
  • In some cases our technicians might determine that your computer will need a restage; due severe virus infections, corrupted registry, unbootable system, or a hard drive replacement etc.
    With every Restage we:

    • Complete 27 point Hard Drive Check for signs of problems
    • Completely Delete/ Reformat the Hard Drive
    • Install Operating System and device drivers
    • Complete Windows Updates and Security Patches
    • Install Microsoft Office using clients CD & license(s)
    • Install Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, CD Burner, DVD Player
    • Clean Registry and Optimize Computer
    • LCD and exterior panel cleaning
    • Professional interior fan dusting
    • Secondary round of test (on newly installed hard drives)
    • Transfer client documents, data and pictures (optional service)
    • Professional fan dusting

    • **Clients are responsible for licenses and installations of any 3rd party software. Network settings,
      Outlook , peripherals and printers can be configured as an additional service in most cases.

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    Warranty Information
  • 10-30 Day Warranty      
  • We Guarantee All of our Computer Repair ServicesOur work is guaranteed. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

    If we install a new hardware item, the installation and component are warranted to be free of defects for 30 days. Virus Removals carry a 10 day warranty. If you fail to keep an active/ updated anti-virus protection and your system becomes infected with a virus, the subsequent infection is not covered by our warranty.

    If we re-format your hard drive and re-install the operating system, we guarantee the installation. Following installation, if you delete a critical system file or install new software that corrupts your operating system, the warranty is void. We guarantee our work. We do not provide a guarantee that your computer will remain healthy indefinitely. Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can recur, for example, some computers are reinfected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place.

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