Cracked Screens

  • Windows/ PC Laptops
  • Apple MacBook & Pro
  • iPads            (1, 2 & 3)
  • iPhones       (3GS, 4, 4S & 5)
  • Liquid Damage Repairs
Starting From $49.99

Virus Removals

  • FBI Warning Virus Removal
  • Google/ Browser Redirect
  • Constant Windows Pop-ups
  • Fake Anti-Virus Scans
  • 10 Day Warranty!
Flat $119.90

Internet Problems

  • No Internet Connection
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Residential or Business
  • In-Store or On-Site
Starting From $49.95

Slow Computer ?

  • Full System Diagnostics
  • Software Optimizations
  • Registry Repairs
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Free Consultations
Starting from $49.99

Our Computer Repair Diagnostics Process

  • Full/ Partial Computer Disassembly
  • Check Voltages on Motherboard/ Logic Board & Charger
  • Look for Faulty and/ or Physical Damage on Components
  • Validate Bios Revision with Manufacturer's Recommended Setting
  • Verify Battery Healthy and Available Charge
  • Check CPU & GPU Thermal Compound Viscosity
  • Check CPU & GPU Temperatures during Stress Tests
  • Check/ Clean system fans as needed
  • Adjust Cooling Fan Speeds as needed

  • Complete Full Hard Drive Test (27-30 Drive Attributes)
  • If Drive is Failing, Determine if Image Backup is Possible

  • Complete Full Memory Read & Write Tests
  • Check Internet/ Network (Wired & Wireless) Connectivity
  • Check Video/ LCD Screen Wire Harness
  • Check Problematic External Connectors
  • Complete Operating System Permissions and/ or File Integrity Check
  • Inspect & Check Drivers for all Hardware Components
  • Validate Boot Records to Match Operating System Specifications
  • Backup, Repair and Delete Corrupt Registries
  • Scan for Viruses, Rootkits, Spyware, Malware, Bot-Nets, Trojans, Key-loggers

  • Any Laptop or Desktop Device,
    Flat $49.99 Diagnostics Price!

There are typically multiple repair solutions for a single computer or hardware symptom. What appears to be a virus can often be the cause of a hardware failure and what may seem as a hardware issue can easily be the cause of software problem. Our certified computer repair techs will often ask you in-depth questions regarding the symptoms you are experiencing to determine the most cost-effecient repair process. Once your diagnostics is completed, we will contact you to clearly explain the repairs and our recommendation.

Although we always recommend a diagnostics before completing any repairs, it is not mandatory. In 25% of our diagnostics we discover additional hardware problems that exceed the value of the computer. In those situations, we recommend the purchase of a new system from your favorite retailer. We also provide free unbiased advice when purchasing any electronic device.

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